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10 Mar 2021

2021 Rear End Refresh Near Complete!

Let’s rewind about a month or so ago when I edited an older photo of the rear end. What I done was blacked out the rear end just to see what’d it possibly look like. At the time I had no idea that I would end up being sponsored by Raxiom Lights, which enabled me to get their retro style tail lights with glossy black trim. Well fast forward to March, and the rear end has been blacked out, with a few changes. Instead of going back with the factory decklid panel, I reached out to Scott Drake and purchased one of their glossy black decklid panels. I also went with a lightning blue running pony emblem for the middle. I have to say this refresh definitely looks different, and goes well with the car. Stay tuned as I have a few more mods coming! 
4 Mar 2021

2021 Spring Mods Progress

Installs on the 2021 Spring mods continue as more parts are waiting to be shipped. Installed more carbon fiber interior pieces, like the guage cluster trim in the photo! The Scott Drake decklid panel will be here Friday! I’m awaiting for a lightning blue running pony emblem to come in for it. CJ Pony Parts had to send me another one out due to the first one being lost in the mail. I’m awaiting for the lightning blue caliper covers, and the carbon fiber steering wheel to be shipped. These two mods had to be special ordered. I also have a plate cover being made and shipped. This will enable me to cover the licenses plate while at car related events. The car is still scheduled to go into the body shop March 15th to get the mirrors painted gloss black. The rear spoiler is also getting done in gloss black to match! The rear diffuser, and fog light splitters will be getting installed this month as well! I’ll update in a few days!
28 Feb 2021
16 Feb 2021

Another Sponsorship! 

The Blue Reaper has landed another great sponsorship by another very reputable company! Raxiom Lights now sponsors the car! Very blessed for this opportunity! 

Also if you haven’t noticed, the car now has a new name! The Blue Reaper! I have several new mods lined up for this year! Stay tuned as The Blue Reaper gets modded up even more! 
1 Jan 2020

Carbon fiber upgrade continues...

The carbon fiber interior upgrade continues with more carbon fiber pieces on the way. Stay tuned as the interior of The Blue Reaper gets more transformation!

31 Dec 2019

New banner for the site! More carbon fiber added!

The site has it's own banner! Also, be sure to check out the modifications page as more carbon fiber interior parts have been installed!
28 Dec 2019

Carbon Fiber Interior Mods

The transition to carbon fiber continues on the interior! Carbon fiber cup holder trim, and carbon fiber multimedia console cover installed today! Stay tuned as more carbon fiber pieces will be installed in the coming days!
20 Dec 2019

Site Additions

Added a couple more car show photos from the 2019 car show season! Both photos are from car shows in Jackson, TN. 
11 Dec 2019

Parade Winner! Carbon fiber pieces!

The Blue Reaper placed 3rd in the local Christmas parade for 2019, winning $50! Also a couple small carbon fiber additions to be added to the car soon! Carbon fiber shift panel cover, and a carbon fiber center console panel cover! Gearing up for the 2020 car show season, as the first show has been announced! Stay tuned for more show news for 2020!
2 Dec 2019

New feature on the site!

Added a new feature to the home page. I will be doing a daily photo of the day! I'm also open to new ideas for the site, so comment and let me know what idea you have.
30 Nov 2019


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