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Croftgate is where it's at!

I get asked this question a lot, and I'm going to write a quick article on some awesome products I use to wash and detail the Mustang.

The only products I use are Croftgate products. If you have never heard of it, you are missing out! There are several different Croftgate products that I use, and I am going to discuss them in the order that I use them.

The very first Croftgate product is called Wash & Wax. This is a very simple wash method that is simply wipe on, wipe off using 2 microfiber towels. You use a capful of the product, along with a gallon of water. I apply with one microfiber, then wipe it, and buff it out with a dry microfiber towel. Croftgate also makes a waterless method of this same product called Aquanil-X. Same method of use, as you spray it on, and wipe it off. Just make sure to spray some on the microfiber towel to get it damp.

After I have done the 1st step, I next use another awesome Croftgate product called Quick N Slick. This stuff is very amazing! If you want that car show shine, along with a wet paint appearance, this is the stuff to use! Again, this stuff is very easy to apply. You simply spray it on the paint, panel by panel, and wipe it off, and buff it off dry with a clean microfiber.

After using the 2nd product, I finish it off with another amazing Croftgate product. This product you really don't have to apply everytime you wash the car. I apply it every other wash, and that seems to work good for me. This stuff is a semi paint protectant, and does contain some ceramic. It also takes about 24 hours for it to really cure to give you that deep, amazing shine!

That pretty much sums it up as far as washing the exterior of the car. Again, Croftate is plain amazing!

Giving The Blue Reaper that Croftgate treatment!
Giving The Blue Reaper that Croftgate treatment!

And to finish with the wheels and tires!

As far as the wheels, and tires go. Croftgate makes a very good product that you can actually use on more than the wheels and tires. This product is called Tire Shine Plus. It can be use to clean the cars black trim besides the wheels, and tires. Again, it's the simple spray on, wipe off technique. I usually just spray it on a microfiber, and wipe down the tire. I then spray the wheel, and take a clean microfiber to clean it.

As of now, that's pretty much all the Croftgate products I use. I'll be trying other Croftgate products in the future, and I'm sure they will not disappoint. If your interested in getting some Croftgate, contact the dealer I buy from below! Also check out the video below to see just how great the Croftgate Wash & Wax is. The second video shows the shine after you have washed with Wash & Wax, then applied the Croftgate Quick N Slick! I will have another video posted soon using the Croftgate Wash & Wax, Quick N Slick, and their XXL Endure!

For all your Croftgate needs.....

I am a CroftgateUSA dealer, and run a detailing business! At Duncan’s Auto Detailing Services, I treat your vehicle as if it were my own! If your interested in Croftgate, or want to learn more about the products, just give me a holler! 
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